Congress Topics

Technical and experimental research papers in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration, and other related subject areas are welcome:


T01 - Acoustic Signal Processing

T02 - Acoustics and Vibration Theory

T03 - Active Noise and Vibration Control

T04 - Aero-Acoustics and Aviation Noise

T05 - Architectural Acoustics

T06 - Community and Environmental Noise

T07 - Computational Acoustics

T08 - Condition Monitoring and Vibration Testing

T09 - Duct Acoustics

T10 - Environmental and Occupational Noise

T11 - Human Response to Sound and Vibration

T12 - Industrial and Occupational Noise

T13 - Industrial Noise Sources and Control

T14 - Low-Frequency Noise and Vibration

T15 - Machinery Noise and Vibration Control

T16 - Measurement Techniques

T17 - Mid and High Frequency Methods

T18 - Modal Analysis

T19 - Musical Acoustics

T20 - Noise Control Elements

T21 - Noise Source Identification

T22 - Non-Linear Acoustics and Vibration

T23 - Occupational Noise

T24 - Outdoor Sound Propagation

T25 - Signal Processing

T26 - Sound Intensity

T27 - Sound Quality and NVH

T28 - Sound Sources

T29 - Transportation Noise

T30 - Underwater and Ship Acoustics

T31 - Vibro-Acoustics and Shock Excitation