Registration, Information, most scientific events, the Plenary Keynote Lecture 7 as well as the Closing Ceremony will take place there.

This building is located at the beginning of Wiedner Haupstraße next to Karlsplatz (one of the most important stations of Vienna's underground system). From outside, the Freihaus can be identified easily by its green facade.



Inside the Freihaus

The Freihaus has three 'towers' with up to 10 floors. Each tower is coded by a colour: red, yellow, and green. One can change from one to another tower in each floor. Note that according to the European system the street level is denoted as Ground Floor or, in German, Erdgeschoß (EG). The levels above are numbered consecutively starting with 1st Floor or, in German, 1. Obergeschoß (1.OG).

In each floor, orientation maps showing the detailed topology of the floor are posted next to the elevators.


Room Maps