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  Thomas LAGÖ

ICSV13 Exhibition Management:



The ICSV13 Exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for companies in the area of sound and vibrations as well as for publishers to expose their products and services to an international group of experts interested in sound, vibration, and noise. 


All booth spaces will be located in close vicinity to all lecture rooms. Exhibitors will enjoy constant traffic from Congress participants since the main lecture rooms, coffee breaks, registration desk, and refreshment facilities are all in close proximity. This excellent location will offer many opportunities to exhibitors to present their products and services to existing and prospective costumers.


Session on "Recent Advances in Industrial Technology"

A specific session with the theme "Recent Advances in Industrial Technology" will be arranged at ICSV13. All exhibitors are invited to present a scientific paper covering the latest technology, new strategies, technological advances, instrumentation and measurement methodology, interesting applications, or other related topics. We suggest that you consider submitting your abstract soon to guarantee a good place in this session. This session will further integrate the Exhibition into the extensive scientific program, enabling the vendors to attract even more attendees to visit their booths.



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We are pleased to announce that the following companies have already booked a floor space for the ICSV13 Exhibition:


The numbers on the right column refer to the booth numbers mentioned in the Exhibition Layout.


 Acticut International

Located in Falkenberg, Sweden, with a sister operation in Utah, USA, Acticut International provides technology and education solutions to the sound and vibration industry through its three companies: Axiom EduTech, Pinocchio Data Systems (PDS) and Acticut.

PDS develops and delivers new, smart sensors and unique wireless and near wireless monitoring systems for multiple applications.

Axiom EduTech is active in three business areas: software, educational programs and expert consulting. The VibraTools Suite of Matlab based powerful software products provides Open Platform design without loss of ease-of-use.

Acticut's business focus is to provide new industrial solutions for the cutting industry utilizing unique technologies to achieve unique results.



 Alpha Acoustiki

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. is a modern company having a Research and Development Department which is capable of studying and designing special made solutions, for specific vibration control problems and services, according customer needs. The company designs and manufactures high technology Antivibration systems under the brand name VIBRO which include:

  • antivibration supports for floating wooden floors
  • antivibration systems for gypsumboard partitions
  • antivibration hangers for false-ceiling, loudspeakers etc.
  • jack up mounts for concrete floating floors
  • seismic restraints for machines which are based on antivibration mounts.
  • antivibration elastic pads for floating floors.
  • antivibration pads, spring mounts for air conditioning, pumps, compressors etc.


 Brüel & Kjaer


Brüel & Kjaer is with more than 1000 employees and 90 offices in 55 countries the largest company in the world of Sound and Vibration. With more than 60 years of experience we want to help our customers improve the quality of sound and vibration and human comfort related to sound and vibration. In this way, we enhance the environment, the quality and the joy of life. So we say Customer satisfaction is not just nice to have... it’s the reason for our business.


 BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerke





BSWA offers such measurement microphones and acoustic products for OEM market and end-users: 1/2 inch IEC 61672 Class 1 microphones MP201, 1/2 inch IEC 61672 Class 2 microphones MP205/206, 1/2 inch preamplifier MA211, 1/4 inch IEC 61672 Class 1 microphones & preamplifier MPA416, Sound Intensity Probe SI502, USB Soundcard with inputs MC3022, tapping machine TM002; impedance tube SW002, omni-sound source OS002, power supply MC102, etc.





CDM is specialised since 1951 in vibration and structure borne noise control products and systems for building, industry and track applications. For building:

  • Floating floor systems
  • Building base vibration isolation
  • Acoustic suspension elements
  • Box-in-the-box systems

For track:

  • Floating slab track systems
  • Embedded rail systems
  • Ballast mats
  • Rail pads, soffit pads etc?
  • Rail noise absorbers
  • Flexible platform edge elements



 Dantec Dynamics


Non Destructive Testing of advanced materials


The leaders in aerospace, electronics and automotive industries rely on Dantec Dynamics  systems to optimize their product development and component testing.


We are the partner for your progress.


  • Non contact and true full field inspection
  • Analysis of stress and strain
  • Vibration Metrology
  • Characterization of Materials
  • Component Testing
  • Fluid & Particle Dynamics
  • Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA)
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)



 Data Physics 


Data Physics will exhibit its SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers, SignalStar Vibration Control Systems and SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers. Data Physics has been supplying high performance solutions in signal processing to the noise and vibration community for 20 years. With the addition of a full line of electrodynamic shakers to complement its vibration controllers and dynamic signal analyzers, Data Physics is a total solution supplier for vibration applications.




Established in 1941 as the Danish Acoustical Laboratory, DELTA today has 230 employees with core technologies in electronics, microelectronics, software technology, light, optics, acoustics, vibration and sensor technology.


DELTA will exhibit noiseLAB which provides

  • A portable, lap-top based noise analysis sytem.
  • Automatic tone analysis to ISO 1996-2.
  • Advanced batch processing
  • Automated noise analysis to international standards.
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Simplified report generation.




EM4SYS provides Laser Scanning Vibrometer(LSV)s to measure the displacement and velocity which are used for vibrationalcharacteristics of dynamic systems. Our LSV system has features as followings; - Low cost(U.S.A $60,000 - $70,000) with fast and high precision vibration measurement performance.

  • Portable non-contact velocity measurement at multiple points at various scanning speed.
  • Easy setup and maintenance. 
  • CCD zoom camera provides easy operation on measurement position control and display is monitored using a centralized personal computer.
  • Focusing of the laser beam is made either manually at the head or the personal computer. 
  • Quick and accurate visualization of structures' vibrational characteristics using vibration analyzer.


 Ing. Wolfgang Fellner GmbH


Is one of the leading companies in sound and vibration in Austria. A powerful range of products and services are offered to the Austrian, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian Market.

Acoustic Camera The acoustic camera is a lightweight, modular and very flexible system used to locate and analyze sound sources. The vivid, accurate and fast visualization of sound can contribute to a reduction of development times by exactly locating noise sources and indicating possible quality issues.


CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the computer program for the calculation and presentation, assessment and prognosis of noise exposure and air pollutant impact. BASTIAN is the software-tool to calculate the airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms in buildings and the airborne sound transmission from the exterior.

Dytran: Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric accelerometers, force and pressure transducers along with associated electronics and cable assemblies. Dytran products are used extensivly in test, measurement and industrial applications.

Norsonic: Noise affects all our lives - but the problems can be solved only if we accurately measure the noise. For more than 38 years we use our technical expertise to develop sound instrumentation of high precision and quality. Combining advanced technology and user-friendliness, we focus on the user and applications rather than on the complexity of the instrument.

Sony: Data acquisition systems from Sony are developed for research, development and maintenance of machines. The SIR3400H covers at 128 channels a frequency range of 20 kHz or at 32 channels 80 kHz.


 Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH 


Sylomer® and Sylodyn® are polyurethane elastomers for effective isolation against structure-borne noise and vibration! These materials are known world-wide under the brand names Sylomer® and Sylodyn®. Fields of application are: · Elastic solutions for railway superstructure · Partial or full elastic bearing of buildings · Elastic support of machines · Industrial applications


 G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration


We design and manufacture an extensive range of products to cover virtually all front-end equipment needed for the precise and reliable measurement and recording of acoustic signals; from the transducer to the input of an A/D converter. These are complemented by a range of more specialised transducers and accessoires for more specific applications.





LB-acoustics is a part of the international operating LB-Group and one of the leading trade companies in sound and vibration. Parts of the product range are sound level meters, sound and vibration analyzers and vibration meters. Several software packages and customer defined solutions complete the sales program. Our products are used in research, production, quality control and environmental management. LB-acoustics has a service and calibration department to fulfill all needs for high quality. The LB-College is a seminar series for all interested costumers and completes our offer in sound and vibration.



Wölfel Messsysteme · Software GmbH+Co.KG is part of the Wölfel group of companies and a sister of Wölfel Beratende Ingenieuere GmbH+Co.KG. Since 1986, WÖLFEL concentrates on the following core activities:

  • development and sales of technical software: IMMI - noise and air pollution mapping, MEDA - data-acquisition and assessment of noise and vibrations
  • integration and sales of measurements systems for noise and vibrations: Noisy MONITOR - long-term monitoring of environmental noise, building vibrations, MEDA BV - building vibrations, MEDA MD - machine diagnosis, MEDA HVM - Human Vibration Monitoring
  • training of customers
  • consulting and R&D in product-related fields and all topics linked to Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise (including strategic noise mapping, exposure calculation, calculation methods, …)


















As a specialist for Noise and Vibration Analysis, OROS designs and manufactures a wide range of real-time analyzers and software solutions for general and dedicated measurements. Developing a network of cooperations with recognized laboratories throughout the world, OROS offers the best of the technology available on a global level.


 Pro Acoustics Engineering

Experts in acoustic measurements and vibration analyses

Improving the quality of life and decreasing risks are the two main objectives for which 01dB/Pro Acoustics Engineering and DataKustik are committed to provide their customers with innovating solutions based on acoustic and vibration methods. We are thus your reference partner in the following domains:

  • Environmental and building monitoring and control (acoustics / vibration, including civil engineering structures)
  • Sound mapping, Online noise monitoring systems
  • NVH testing: products and consulting Acoustic and vibration measurement, trouble-shooting, diagnosis and analysis… from Sound Quality to Modal Analysis.
  • Your partner in robust and silent design. Expertise, Project management, High performance innovative rubber protections, Special sensors, Measurement of materials mechanical properties vs. vibration constraints
  • Online & offline products and services for industrial rotating machines
  • Acoustic detection and localization of the origin of short-range gunshots (sniper, mortar, etc.).
  • Acoustic and vibration detection studies
  • Protection of sensitive places, border surveillance through coupling of acoustic detection techniques and video-surveillance.





 SINUS Messtechnik GmbH




SoundPLAN is the leading noise and air pollution planning and mapping software for two decades. Use SoundPLAN to map and assess any transportation, industry or leisure noise. Use it for any size project. Outstanding features include the cost/benefit capabilities for Wall Design and Expert System, extensive documentation features, and it is the only integrated suite of software that models interior noise levels, sound transmission through building walls and sound propagation into the environment. SoundPLAN’s famous graphics are both stunning and easy to use. No other noise planning software does more.



  Structural Vibration Solutions A/S


Structural Vibration Solutions A/S is the developer of ARTeMIS Extractor, the leading software for Natural Input Modal Analysis (NIMA) – The patented modal analysis software for the vast number of cases where it is preferred not to control or measure the loading. The software is used by mechanical engineers for operational modal analysis of machines and components and by civil engineers for ambient modal analysis of large structures like bridges and buildings. The ARTeMIS modal software is an open, and user friendly platform for modal testing, modal analysis and modal problem solving. If you can measure the vibrations, ARTeMIS Extractor can give you the modes in terms of mode shape, natural frequency and damping ratio.