Combustion Noise


Organiser:  Martin OCHMANN

Organisation/Institution: University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany    


Co-Organiser:  Maria HECKL

Organisation/Institution: Keele University, UK    


Co-Organiser:  Rafael PISCOYA

Organisation/Institution: University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany    



Noise emissions have received more attention from the society and the industry in the last thirty years, since the disturbing effects of noise have been clearly demonstrated. Therefore, noise reduction is turning into an important stage in the development of many systems. Combustion noise constitutes an important part of the total noise emissions in fields like air, road and train traffic, but the mechanisms of sound generation in combustion processes are at the present time not completely understood. This understanding is an essential condition for the development of techniques for the reduction of those noise emissions. The goal for the near future is to be able to optimize acoustically a combustion system at the design stage.


This special session will give researchers working in this area the opportunity to communicate directly and to exchange experience and knowledge.


The topics that could be tackled in the presentations are for example:

  • Determination of the sound sources that generate combustion noise
  • Sound propagation under inhomogeneous conditions (combustion zone)
  • Instabilities in the combustion chamber
  • Entropy waves
  • Coupling CFD with acoustic methods for calculation of the radiated sound
  • Experimental characterization of combustion noise (optical and acoustical measurements)
  • Active control of combustion noise