Active Control of Noise and Vibrations in Practical System Implementations


Organiser:  Sven JOHANSSON

Organisation/Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden


Co-Organiser:  Mathias WINDBERG

Organisation/Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden



This session focuses on practical applications of Active Noise and Vibration Control (ANVC) systems.  The intention is to present control results obtained from experiments carried out in research laboratories or from system installations in the industry. Practical experiments are important, not only to evaluate results previously received in computer simulations, but also to get a deeper understanding of performance of the whole control system as well as the physical system to be controlled.  The experiences are usually gained from practical work, i.e. ’’learning by doing’’.  Another intension with the session is to discuss problems and possibilities for implementations of ANVC systems in industrial applications and also introduce new ANVC applications and installations.