Nonlinear Acoustics and Vibration


Organiser:  Woon Siong GAN

Organisation/Institution: Acoustical Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd , Singapore   



Nonlinear acoustics covers all the phenomena related to large amplitude sound wave and high intensity sound wave. This will cover topics like chaos and fractals, solitons, nonlinear acoustical imaging, nonlinear signal processing, turbulence, shock wave, rocket noise, jet noise, nonlinear nondestructive testing, cavitation, sonoluminescence, therapeutic ultrasound etc. Nonlinear vibration includes large amplitude vibration, fractal vibration etc.The field of nonlinear acoustics and vibration is fast growing due to the increase of computational power and more sensitive electronic measuring equipment become available and many phenomena are nonlinear in nature.It provides better understanding of physical mechanisms of shock wave, turbulence, cavitation and sonoluminescence. It also gives rise to new areas of applications for example: (1) therapeutic ultrasound which is more efficient than lasers in burning away cancerous tissues, (2) harmonic imaging which gives better resolution to imaging human tissues, (3) nonlinear nondestructive testing which gives better resolution in identifying microcracks. Nonlinear vibration is significant that it could explain fracture occuring in buildings. It gives the correct solutions to many equations of dynamics of which linear approximations fail and also it could detect many cracks and fractures which are ignored using linear approximations. An example is fractal vibration of the hull of ships.