Soil Vibrations by Infrastructure


Organiser:  Herke STUIT

Organisation/Institution: Holland Railconsult, Utrecht, The Netherlands



The extension of infrastructure, especially railway connections through densely populated urban areas and between city centres together with the increase of train speed, train intensity and axle weight, require not only to control rail-track dynamics but also the propagation of vibrations into buildings in such a way that people not only travel comfortably, but that the neighbourhood can live with the infrastructure. The session contains the vibrations of the moving load, the at wheel-rail contact, the wave propagation and vibration reduction. The knowledge of these subjects are recently described and treated by theorists and practitioners. Currently gradually more and more projects are realized with care for the vibration environment.


The increase of the travelling speed of the high speed trains leads to high dynamic interactions with the subsoil, which have to be considered in the calculation, design ans construction of the railway tracks.


The past 5 years internationally there has been quite some research on the subject. It is expected that there will be quite some contributions.