Passive Techniques in Vibrations and Acoustics Attenuation


Organiser:  Mohammad TAWFIK   

Organisation/Institution: German University in Cairo, Egypt  


Co-Organiser:  Wael AKL   

Organisation/Institution: Ein-Shams University, Egypt  


Co-Organiser:  Mohammed AL-AJMI   

Organisation/Institution: Kuwait University, Kuwait  



Passive techniques have been in the shadow for decades affected by the huge development in active controllers accompanied by the computer development. Nevertheless, passive control/damping techniques kept developing using smart materials as well as innovative designs. The application of shape memory alloy, shunt piezoelectric material, periodic structures, and viscoelastic material, among others, proved the effectiveness of passive damping techniques even at relatively low frequencies. In this session, papers presenting studies of passive techniques in vibration damping and passive structure acoustic control are invited to provide the scientific community with the results of studies performed on passive techniques.