Thermo Acoustics and Structure Interaction in Gas Turbine Comustors 


Organiser:  Jim B.W. KOK

Organisation/Institution: University of Twente, The Netherlands


Co-Organiser:  Wolfgang POLIFKE

Organisation/Institution: Technical University Munich, Germany



Gas Turbine Combustors are known to have acoustic pressure oscillations induced and amplified by turbulent combustion phenomena. Although the pressure oscillations are high, above 140 dB, they do not lead to environmental emission as all is contained in the engine casing.


The combustor  pressure oscillations are very relevant however for the reliability of the engine as they may force the structure to vibrate excessively. For that reason it is very important to study the combustor pressure oscillations and their one and two way interaction with structural elements in the liner and with the cooling flow area. This is a complicated issue in combustors as it requires knowledge and application of various disciplines like acoustic modeling and analysis, Computational Fluid and Solid Dynamics, transient combustion.


The special structured session hopes to address the following topics:


  • Acoustic pressure fields in confined flames.
  • Damping and amplification of pressure oscillations in turbulent flames
  • Structural response at elevated gas pressure and temperature.
  • Acoustic response of flames due to wall vibrations.
  • LES and unsteady RaNS of turbulent flames with a view to acoustic modeling.
  • Heat transfer augmentation by acoustic oscillations.
  • Coupled computation of acoustics, combustion, fluid and structural mechanics.