Architecture and Urban Sounds  


Organiser:  Björn HELLSTRÖM

Organisation/Institution: University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden


Co-Organiser:  Catharina DYRSSEN

Organisation/Institution: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


Co-Organiser:  Björn HELLSTRÖM

Organisation/Institution: Ingemansson Technology AB, Sweden




The purpose is to develop deeper knowledge on sound as part of architectural and urban space, and to open for interdisciplinary modes for analysing and understanding the sonic environment, where acoustics is integrated with architectural design methods.

This may include social and cultural dimensions as well as visual and tactile architectural aspects when designing a sonic environment, i.e. forming sound qualities in reference to actual situations. In an urban context it may address issues on how to bring forth sonic spaces that support activities taking place, or improve possibilities for comprehension or positive experiences of a site.

The aim is also to develop knowledge that can strengthen the communication between architects, acousticians, urban planners, developers and other actors involved in urban planning and design processes.