Lawnmowers, Construction Machinery, and other Outdoor Equipment  


Organiser:  Michael BOCKHOFF

Organisation/Institution: Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques (Cetim), France



The proposed Structured Session is intended to deal with noise emission from equipment used outdoors, which fall under the scope of the European Directive 2000/14/EC, called "Outdoor Directive".

Primarily it will be focussed to lawnmowers, since these machines are among the most unpopular sources of annoyance. Constrained by the noise emission limits of the Directive, the manufacturers have made strong efforts in low noise design during the last years. The resulting improvements should have a sgnificant impact on the quality of life of the population, since more than 4.5 Million lawnmowers are put on the European market each year.

In addition, the session will be open to papers on other outdoor machinery such as construction engines and noise emission from construction sites.


Preferred topics are:

  • Analysis of noise generation mechanisms,
  • Optimisation of machinery components (blades, engines, fans etc),
  • Application of low noise design principles,
  • Relation between low noise design and performance (quality of cut),
  • Measurement techniques for (multi source) construction sites,
  • Case histories.