Noise and Vibration in Reciprocating and Rotary Compressors

Organiser:  Malcolm J. CROCKER
Organisation/Institution: Auburn University, USA



This session solicits papers on recent developments in noise and vibration control in all forms of compressors operating on positive displacement and dynamic principles. Compressors are in wide use throughout the world in household appliances, air-conditioning systems in buildings, building sites, industry, vehicles, and propulsion systems in aircraft. Various compressors are used for different applications and there are a large number of quite different designs. The four main types of compressors are reciprocating piston, rotary, axial and centrifugal. Researchers are invited to contribute papers addressing analytical modeling techniques and/or experimental noise or vibration control approaches in compressors.  Control of noise and vibration of small reciprocating compressors has been the focus of most research to date. Less attention has been paid to control of other forms of positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Papers on innovative improvements in modeling, noise and vibration control and source and path identification are particularly encouraged.  Suggested topics with application to compressors include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Noise and vibration source identification
  • Improved determination of noise and vibration transmission paths
  • Data processing of compressor sound and vibration signals
  • System identification applied to noise or vibration control
  • Passive and active noise and vibration control
  • Improved techniques for noise and vibration measurements
  • Inlet and exhaust muffler design