Book of Abstracts & CD-ROM Proceedings

ICSV13 CD-ROM Proceedigns as well as ICSV13 Book of Abstracts can now be bought at special prices.


The Book of Abstracts contains 230 pages and includes the programme, all accepted Abstracts as well as general information concerning ICSV13.


The CD-ROM Proceedings includes all accepted abstracts and most of the respective full papers (-format).  A powerful search engine is included that allows the search of papers by author’s name, session name or keywords. Information regarding the ICSV13 Exhibition, Exhibitors and Sponsors, as well as general information is also included.



ICSV13 Book of Abstracts

230 pages

technical programme, all abstracts, full color cover

price: € 30

package, postage and taxes included







ICSV13 CD-ROM Proceedings

all abstracts and full papers

price: € 60

package, postage and taxes included



Your order should be accompanied by the dully payment:


  • By bank transfer: IBAN: AT10 1200 051 429 202 501, BIC: BKAUATWW to the attention of Vienna University of Technology (advance payment is requested)
  • By credit card: MasterCard and Visa are accepted (please provide us with your credit card details (Name, Number, Expiry Date, CCV) by fax to ++43-1-58801-20297 or -20299)


Orders should be sent to:  office@icsv13.tuwien.ac.at